who we are



Our mission is to bring people together to celebrate, educate and share the diverse African cultures, while breaking barriers and connecting refugees and Immigrants from African countries to local resources, and opportunities.


  • To  bring people together for a more inclusive stronger community.

  •  To showcase  Africa in a brighter positive light to change the media narratives

  •  To put the African Diaspora in West Michigan (immigrants/refugees/adopted families) on the map through showcasing and promoting  African culture, people businesses, and talents

  • Creating a space that gives a sense of belonging where African communities can feel at home, engage in the community, find support systems, access resources, and give back to the community

  • To  support local causes and charity organizations.

  • To build a welcoming environment, stronger communities, and a thriving economy through diversity, equity,  inclusion, and cultural awareness in our city.

AGOA Festival

The largest African Cultural festival in West Michigan, aimed at bringing  people together to celebrate, educate, and share the diverse  rich African cultures through an exploration of the many things that reflect the cultures of Africa. Including food, music, dances, fashion shows, crafts, art, interactive activities, such a henna tattoos, hair braiding, headwraps, beads making, and baskets weaving.


Community Impact Projects

Food and Cultural Festival 2021-FORMS-03
Food and Cultural Festival 2021-FORMS-03

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Food and Cultural Festival 2021-FORMS-03
Food and Cultural Festival 2021-FORMS-03

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Our community focus

We are fully focused on addressing the African immigrants’ and refugees’ , mental health and overall wellness through candid discussions and training. We highlight and address the language and cultural barriers that hinder our community from accessing mental, all overall general health and wellness resources in Kent County/West Michigan. Our first metal health series was held in December 2020 was very critical in addressing the increased mental health disparities in our community due to Covid19, and also due to lack of access to resources,  cultural and language barriers. In response to the global pandemic, we have initiatives in place to offer our community the education, guidance, and access to Covid19 relief resources & vaccines as needed. Our goal is to ensure the  African immigrant and refugee population is not only healthy but a thriving, happy, successful well-rounded community.

Our focus on cultural awareness

A Glimpse of Africa provides a platform that brings people together to celebrate, educate, and share the diverse rich African cultures through food, music, fashion, art, crafts, and community engagements. The A Glimpse of Africa Festival is the largest annual African Cultural Festival in West Michigan with an attendance of over 4,000 people