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Bringing people together to showcase, educate, celebrate and share the diverse African cultures while fostering community programs that  voice, advocate for and address African refugees and immigrants needs and disparities.

A Glimpse of Africa  mission is  to ensure the African immigrants and refugees are  visible, through advocacy, creating a sense of belonging,  breaking language, cultural and systemic barriers.

For a new American these essential needs, resources and opportunities are the difference between losing hope and having a thriving life as they set roots in West Michigan.

Our Objectives

Bring people together for a stronger, united community with shared interests.


Showcase Africa and her people in a brighter positive light to educate and change the negative media narratives.


Place African immigrants and Refugees on the map in West Michigan through promoting their culture, businesses, and talents.

Provide a space that creates a sense of belonging where African communities can engage, celebrate their culture, find support and feel understood


Address disparities in the African immigrant and refugee’ communities caused by cultural and language barriers and lack of access to essential resources

Communities served-02.png

Communities Served

African community; African immigrants, refuges, adoptees, Asylum seekers

Others not within these demographics that can benefit from our service / programs



Event attendance

Event Attendance

Different African communities -4 0 %

African American -20 %

Caucasians -20 %
Asian American - 10 %

Hispanic -5 %
Other -5 %

Our sponsors

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