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Core Community programs

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African Art & Culture Celebration and Education

A Glimpse of Africa Festival

A Glimpse of Africa hosts the largest African cultural festival annually, a platform that centers and places the African community on the map through showcasing their culture, promoting and supporting their business and talents. The festival has birthed and elevated many talents and  businesses, especially food startups who have thrived beyond the festival. The festival brings vibrancy to the city and county at large while creating cultural awareness, a sense of belonging and building a welcoming community for new Americans

Mental Health & Wellness Programs

During the pandemic A Glimpse of Africa hosted a mental health awareness series held in the fall of 2020 in response to the increased mental health disparities associated to Covid19 challenges, the increased lack of access to resources, cultural and language barriers. Following the demand and the success of the series a mental health and general wellness program was born. The experts get to address many issues such as stress management and coping skills, mental health stigma specifically in the African communities, suicide among youth and many more. This approach reduces language and cultural barriers, and increases access, and awareness while addressing issues such as abuse, trauma, domestic violence, substance abuse, grief and other social-economic determinants of health.

Community Mental Health and Wellness Fair

A two-day event designed to address mental health disparities and all social economic determinants of health  that impacts New Americans, especially in the African community. The event provides a space to build connections, learn from the experts, and access essential resources to improve their overall well-being.

Data & Health Needs Assessment

A Glimpse of Africa has taken lead on gathering data and taking health needs assents to highlight disparities in the African immigrant and refugee communities. Proper identification and data reports on the African immigrants and refugees will  minimize these challenges

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Covid-19 Support & Education

AGOA is the only organization that has hosted Covid19 vaccines and education that specifically aims to address the challenges impacting the African Refuges and immigrants during the pandemic and beyond.

Listening Sessions

Our monthly community listening sessions is a safe social healing through community connections while creating mental health  awareness and providing  access to resources. The sessions are facilitated by individuals with lived experience from a wide range of African immigrant/refugee therapists to alleviate cultural, language barriers and to build the much-needed trust in mental health care.