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A Celebration of African Culture

A Glimpse of Africa is a non-profit that brings people together by showcasing educating, celebrating, and sharing diverse African cultures while fostering community through programs that voice, advocate for, and address African refugees and immigrant needs and disparities.

Our goal is to ensure the African immigrant and refugee population is not only healthy but a thriving, happy, successful well-rounded community.


Our Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors for helping AGOA bring education, aid, and celebration to our community

Get Involved

Our events, celebrations, and social assistance takes time, energy, and resources from supporters within the community.  Find out how you might be able to get involved below.

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Keep Us Moving Forward

The work we do at AGOA puts necessary resources and services directly into the hands of those that need them .



Voice for the Community

Become a voice for AGOA and advocate for African Immigrants and Refugees. Volunteer for events or find a more permanent place on our team.

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Showcase your Business

Giving Culture Creators the opportunity come show off products, bites, and other creations while we celebrate African cultures.

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