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A Celebration of African Culture

A Glimpse of Africa is a nonprofit organization and platform that brings people together to celebrate, educate, and share the diverse rich African cultures through food, music, fashion, crafts, arts, impactful community engagement, and various social projects

We are fully focused on addressing the mental health and overall well-being of African immigrants’ and refugees’, through candid discussions and training. A Glimpse of Africa has highlighted the language and cultural barriers that hinder our community from accessing mental health support, and provide general health and wellness resources throughout Kent County/West Michigan.


Our first mental health series, held in December 2020, was very crucial to addressing the increasing mental health disparities in our community due to the global pandemic, a lack of access to resources, and cultural and language barriers. In response to COVID-19, we have also began initiatives offering our community the education, guidance, and access to COVID-19 vaccines and other relief resources.


Our goal is to ensure the African immigrant and refugee population is not only healthy but a thriving, happy, successful well-rounded community.


A Glimpse of Africa Festival


As the largest annual African Cultural Festival in West Michigan, our festival is one of its kind.

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Mental Health Awareness


We're opening up the conversation of mental health in our community and the impact it has on all of us

AGOA vaccine clinic.png

COVID-19 Clinics & Support


AGOA provides inaccessible resources to keep the people in our community protected 

Our Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors for helping AGOA bring education, aid, and celebration to our community


Get Involved

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Keep AGOA Running

As the host of largest annual African Cultural Festival in West Michigan, we need the all the community help possible


Get Inspired

Creative Opportunities

Artists looking for a platform to share their crafts and ideas can expose themselves to our growing community



Showcase your Business

Food and merchandise vendors come show off your products while we celebrate African food and culture

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